The Day of Cultures is a diverse get-together of people from Halle, international and local students and refugees. You can look forward to music and dishes from all over the world and through our World Café you'll get to talk to people from all sorts of countries. Let's dance together, enjoy the international buffet, sit around the campfire and get to know the world a little bit better.

Every single one of you is invited to present something of their own culture – meet up with others for cooking something traditional, bring your instruments or music or dance for and with us! Everyone planning to contribute something (e.g. a typical dish, music etc.) can get in touch with us via:
It doesn't matter what you bring - every contribution will help to make this evening a bit more diverse and interesting and this is what this event is about. The more diverse the better!

03/05/2016 - 18:00
  • Everyone is invited.