Dear international students, dear friends!

Together with you we'd like to watch the one and only Erasmus film: L'auberge espagnole

We'll start at 8pm at lecture hall XVIII (Mel), the entry's free!

But what is this all about?

After a dramatic goodbye from his girlfriend Martine, the Parisian student Xavier is going to Barcelona where he's studying in his final year through the Erasmus Programme. There he's living in an international flat share and learning everything about the ups and downs of an exchange semester: partying, loving, living – life plans and priorities are changing and soon Xavier realizes that his time in Barcelona is holding more than he'd expected at first...

When? 21.11., 8pm
Where? Lecture hall XVIII (Mel)

See you there!
Your ESN Halle Team

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21/11/2017 - 20:00 to 23:00
  • Everyone is invited.