Dear internationals, dear friends, 

have you ever been to the bottom of the sea? Or ever taken a close look at the Titanic? 
If not, you can now do so! 
Join us in discovering the Titanic in an unique 360°-exhibition. The huge picture (over 30 meters high!!!) will give you a rare glimpse of the sunken wreck. The exhibition by Yadegar Asisi is not only about the misfortune of 1912 but also about the great power of the nature and great pictures. 

When? 26. November, 12:15 pm 
Meeting point? Halle (Saale) HBF McDonalds
Participation fee? 7€ with ESNcard / 8€ without ESNcard

+++ This Event only includes the entrance to the Panometer and a guided tour. If you don’t have a MDV ticket, you will have to buy a ticket for the train on your own! +++ Don’t forget your student ID!!!+++
Please register following this link from 10.11. until 12.11.:

If you have questions, please write us:

We are looking forward for you!
Your ESN Halle Team

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26/11/2017 - 12:15 to 17:15
7€ with ESNcard / 8€ without ESNcard
  • Everyone is invited.