Do you know Dr. Ali Gom'a, the Grand Mufti of Egypt?

He wrote a fatwa that considers mutilation of women's bodies, means circumcision of women, a crime towards Islam and humanity. There is a German NGO named TARGET that started to fight this mutilation and introduced the topic to the Grand Mufti. TARGET currently is spreading "The Golden Book" with all the fatwas written by Dr. Ali Gom'a and others against mutilation of women's bodies. In the mosques of the countries where circumcision is done to girls and where women suffer from the results, they built a hospital in Northern Ethiopia and plan to announce their goal (to stop the mutilation) even in Mecca.

SocialErasmus, a project of ESN wants to support TARGET. We want to do a bazaar on December 8, in order to sell self-made cakes and cookies to the students of MLU. The money will be donated to the NGO. So now this is where you can take part in it: Join us baking cakes and cookies and/or selling them on December 8, in Audimax. Your friends are interested in helping as well?

Meet up and bake something for the bazaar as well. We will have loads of fun preparing the bazaar and with our donation we will help TARGET to support many girls and women in this world. Contact us in case you are interested. We are looking forward to hearing from you and already want to thank you for your reply and help.


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08/12/2015 - 08:00 to 16:00
  • Everyone is invited.