The European Voluntary Service offers the opportunity to work as a volunteer abroad in an accredited non-profit organisation for a period from 2 to 12 months.

Ideal for

a gap year after completing high school or university, young people wanting to make an impact, support during your stay, experience in non-profit work.

The one to know

I can benefit of it if

I am a young person aged 17-30.

I can leave for

From 2 to 12 months, only once.

I can go

In any EU country and partner country of the Erasmus+ programme (almost the whole world).

I will receive

Complete financial support, including accommodation, food, transportation, communication and pocket money. Strong mentoring both for my life in the local community and my job. Linguistic preparation if needed.

When I come back, I’ll have gained

  • Confidence and independence
  • Professional and life skills
  • Language skills

Feeling of achievement after working in a non-profit association

I need to prepare

A year in advance to be sure not to miss any deadlines as the administrative processes can be quite long. I should contact accredited organisations individually to be aware of the recruitment process and deadlines.

For help I should contact

Accredited sending organisations in my country or in my region, I can find them in the EVS database.

Good tips

A wide range of organisation may receive volunteers, take your time to find the most suitable for you. EVS is a good opportunity to discover a new field, a new passion in which you could engage in the future. EVS is also a good opportunity to keep track and share of your experience through a blog, photography, videos.