❗Starting on Monday, November 2, there are going to be new corona regulations in place in Germany. After about two weeks it will be evaluated how efficient these rules are, so there might be some readjustment in mid November.
The regulations we summarised in the pictures above are probably the most important ones for us as (international) students in Germany, specifically in Saxony-Anhalt.
• The biggest restriction is probably that both in private and in public places only up to ten people of two different households are allowed to meet.
•All bars and restaurants have to close but you can still #supportlocalbusinesses by getting take-out food from them!
• Entertainment and sport facilities will close as well.
• Certain places like supermarkets, pharmacies, houses of worship will still remain open.
• Individual sport, like running, is still allowed.
These restrictions mean that we can’t offer you any of the events in November that we had planned for you. They will be postponed until it is safely possible to meet in bigger groups again!
We’ll have to look into doing online events – so let us know if that’s something you’d be interested in! 💻
We urge you to follow these restrictions and keep wearing your masks so we can get through this as quickly and safely as possible! 💙
We hope that you stay safe and healthy. If there’s anything we as ESN Halle can help you with don’t hesistate to message us! We will get through this together! ♡