As there are about 20.000 students in Halle, life never gets boring around here! Wherever you go, you can feel that Halle definitely is a student city. Next to all the cool experiences that ESN Halle organizes for you during your semester abroad, there’s also lots of other stuff to do. Here are some examples of activities that you can try out while studying at the MLU:

Activities offered by the University

The Martin-Luther-Universität offers a lot of different activities for every taste and talent. If you’re into sports, you might wanna check out the website of the Universitätsportzentrum. Every semester, the university coaches do their best to keep you fit, whether it’s by playing tennis and football, by dancing like nobody’s looking in a Zumba course or by trying something totally new like Lacrosse or Burlesque. If you prefer a more relaxed activity such as cooking or knitting, you might be interested in the creative courses presented by the Studentenwerk Halle. And last but not least, you might still be struggling with your German, but you feel like you can never know enough languages? The Sprachenzentrum at the MLU provides you with courses in English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Latin, sometimes even especially for your field of studies. Just take a look at the offered courses here!

Outdoor Activities

Halle says of itself that it’s the greenest city in Germany! Regardless of the fact that it might not be the only German town claiming this title, its numerous parks definitely make the city an amazing place to live in. The Heide as well as the Peißnitz island and its adjoining green areas right at the river Saale invite you to go for nice walks in every season. In summer, lots of students gather at the Ziegelwiese to barbecue or just relax, and if you feel a little more adventurous, you can also rent a boat at the Bootsverleih Halle. If you enjoy a nice swim on hot summer days, you might also wanna check out the outdoor pools Saline and Nordbad, or the lakes HeideseeAngersdorfer Teiche and Hufeisensee (this one’s even for free!). Sunshine might also motivate you to take a stroll around the zoo in Halle, that doesn’t only have lots of cute animals, but also a very nice observation tower that lets you look at Halle from above.

The main campus is a popular place for a beer in a warm summer night, but it’s also a place for concerts and big events, such as Die lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, which takes place every July and lets you discover all faculties of the university and many more academic spots in the city. Actually, festivals and markets are quite common in Halle at every time of the year, just look around for flyers and posters! Examples are the Laternenfest at the Saale in August, the Lichterfest in November or of course the typical German Christmas market in December!

Indoor Activities

Cold winter days, but also rainy days in every other season might make you wonder what kind of indoor activities Halle has to offer. You can always sit down in one of the small cafés and just enjoy a good talk with your friends. Then, there’s of course cinemas, such as the Light Cinema in Neustadt and the Cinemaxx in the Charlottencenter. However, if you are looking for foreign movies or don’t care about Blockbusters, the smaller repertory cinemas ZaziePuschkino or Luchskino might be a better choice for you. And let’s not forget the most important movie option: the Unikino! Every Thursday, it shows movies that are just out of  theatres in the Audimax at the main campus, for only 2 Euros.

A real theatre interests you more then a movie theatre? Bühnen Halle has a lot to offer for you as well, such as operas, musicals, plays…and there are student prices for almost every event. Halle is quite artsy, too, so just look for little exhibitions that are scattered all over town. If you wanna learn more about the city’s history, are simply a Beatles fan or love chocolate, Halle’s museums could also interest you. You can find an overview of all the different places to explore here. And if you’d rather relax in an indoor pool, have a look at the Bäder Halle website or enjoy the slides and sauna at Maya Mare Erlebnisbad (sometimes new students in Halle even get a coupon for this place, so keep your eyes open). The last thing that needs to be recommended to you is the American Bowling in the Charlottencenter, especially on Sunday for only 6 Euros per Person!

Night Life

Halle might not be as big as its neighbour city Leipzig, but the students definitely still make the nightlife worthwhile. The Kleine Ulrichstraße is the first address if you plan on spending your night having one drink (or maybe more) in a pub. But there’s also lots of other options in other parts of town, so just start the search and find your favourite! The ESN pub crawl at the beginning of each semester might help to give you a first impression of the pub scene in Halle. The best thing about the different bars is that they usually do not only offer drinks, but also little concerts, poetry slams, pub quizzes…Moreover, there are a lot of different regular’s tables for languages, which help you practice your skills in a fun atmosphere. And Halle even has a pub for board games, the Spielehaus!

Party people don’t have to worry, though, there’s also clubs for every taste of music! The Turm for Charts and Hip Hop, the Charles Bronson for electronic music, the Drushba for indie rock…and many more! An overview of the different locations is available here, all upcoming club events are listed on Halle Nightlife. In summer there’s also a lot of open airs, which are kinda secret sometimes, so maybe just ask one of the German students to find out where they are. A good website to find out about all night life activities in general, whether it’s cinema, concerts or parties, is the Kulturfalter. Just click on the section you’re interested in and plan your evening in Halle!


Feel like you’ve seen everything in Halle? Then try out Leipzig! It only takes 30 Minutes by train to get there and you can just use your student card as your train ticket, so the trip won’t even cost you anything! There’s some shopping, another zoo and nice lakes, a few more clubs and concerts…just make sure to not miss the last train at night to get back to Halle! :)