You wanna travel around in Germany and wanna do it without spending a lot of money on tickets for transportation? Here is some advice from us to travel cheap within Germany:

Two basic rules:

1. The sooner you start to look for a ticket, the cheaper the ticket will be!

2. Compare prices! For example here!

By train:

The german railway network is likely one of the best in the world and it is possible to visit almost every city in Germany by rail.

Visit Deutsche Bahn for information about train connections and timetables. Here you can find more information on ticket prices, discounts, group tickets etc.

By bus:

Long distant busses provide a good alternative to Deutsche Bahn. Compared to trains, it takes more time to reach your destination, however, tickets are cheaper!

There are several bus companies that offer connections to and from Halle:

MeinFernbus-FlixBus  (ESNcard discount!)
Please note: You can use your student ID to travel to Leipzig for free. So don't forget to check connections from and to Leipzig.

By car:

Carpooling is pretty popular in Germany. Check out these websites:

You can also join this Facebook Group where people offer rides from and to Halle.